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Bar Americano

As the name implies, our “Americano” bar was the first American bar on the island, with its finely carved counter and well-stocked bottle shelves as a backdrop not only for the spectacular preparations of our barmen, but also for memorable meetings of Ischia’s Dolce Vita.

The harmonious contrast between classic-inspired furnishings and contemporary art, a stylistic imprint conferred by Earl Micangeli, makes the intimate lounge, which seems to merge with the park through the large windows, an enchanted place to enjoy the careful selection of cocktails, champagne, wines and spirits, some of which almost impossible to find, accompanied by the delicious specialities of our chef Libera Iovine, as well as by the classics, such as oysters, caviar and raw fish.


Bar Gli Oleandri

Between the blue of the swimming pool and the green of the park is located our bar Gli Oleandri, an ideal oasis for a classic cocktail or for a fruit and vegetable extract, perfect for promoting well-being and satisfying the palate, but also the right place to enjoy the specialties of our chef in a laid-back environment, surrounded by the scents of the lush garden.


Bar L'Onda

Our beach club is located in one of the most scenic stretches of Ischia’s coast, with a view that embraces the Aragonese Castle, Capri, the Sorrento peninsula, Procida and the Gulf of Gaeta with, of course, the unmistakable silhouette of Vesuvius in the background.

The atmosphere and colors of the 60s characterize our snack bar L’Onda, where you can enjoy a refreshing break and savor a typically Ischitan gastronomic experience, lulled by the sound of the waves. Without any doubt the most romantic corner for a special aperitif and dinner at the magical moment of sunset.

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