Foto storica Hotel Excelsior


A stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Terme allows you to relive brilliant moments of Ischitan tourism. Since in the early ’60s the lovely nineteenth century villa of Lord James Nimmo was transformed by Count Micangeli in a luxury hotel, an unbroken succession of famous guests and exclusive events, including the highly awaited Ferragosto Gala every year, have animated the elegant interiors and lush park by the sea.

Concerts, fashion shows, journalism awards, literary presentations, culinary evenings have been and continue to be an irresistible attraction for the high society on holiday on the island. Despite the loss of the original turret in Art Nouveau style visible in these historical photos, the halls and rooms of the hotel still offer unforgettable views of the Gulf of Naples. Original architectural shapes, furniture of exquisite craftsmanship, imaginative tapestries, wrought iron virtuosity in vain attempt to distract the visitor from the warm caress of the thermal pools surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis and from the regenerating dips in the blue sea of the nearby private beach.

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