Thermal mineral waters
Mud treatment and thermal water shower

After a maturation period of six months in the thermal sulphate water of our spring, the therapeutical clay, rich in microorganisms and organical elements, develops an optimum effectiveness in treating articular problems. It also has a detoxicating as well as tonifying and revitalizing effect on the skin.

€ 35
Thermal water bath with ozone

Our thermal water, particularly rich in minerals and trace elements, offers therapeutical benefits to joints, painful syndromes, inflammations and many types of dermatosis. Bubbles of ozone improve the therapeutical effect of thermal water because of their vasodilatory, tonic and disinfectant properties.

€ 30
Mud treatment and thermal bath with ozone

The best and most convenient treatment combination.

€ 60
Inhalation or Aerosol

Because of its particular composition, our water can act on the breathing system bringing extraordinary healing effects, prevention of chronic diseases and a higher resistance against infectious agents.

€ 15